Hi, We’re new to the region…Well actually, we’ve been doing business here for years, but we recently opened an office to better serve you – the Australasia region. Let us show you how we are not just an equipment company; we’re a complete solutions provider.FEECO International was started in 1951, exclusively serving the fertilizer industry as a Fertilizer Engineering & Equipment Company. But over the years, we’ve grown to provide equipment and solutions to several different industries worldwide. Today, we offer a variety of services from lab testing and tolling to building a facility that will suit your needs, and every step along the way. We’ve become known as a process-driven company. We do it all from design to manufacture.

At FEECO, we understand how important the promise of tomorrow is. We pride ourself on being a “green” company because of our ability to bring value through new ideas and processes based on industry known environmental problems. If you have a waste material or problem we can solve it and turn it into something profitable. We will extensively test your waste in our lab facility to turn it into a value-added product.

Our testing facility has the equipment available to simulate production conditions, scale the process up to a full-scale production plant and produce anywhere from pounds to tons-per-hour. Some of our amazing transformations include turning sludges into organic based fertilizer, clays and saw dust into cat litter, valuable metal recovery from spent batteries, fuel pellets from petroleum coke dust, and the list goes on.

We use this same process to take wastes and turn them into granulated fertilizers that add carbon to soil, ultimately replenishing the soil and decreasing greenhouse gases. To us, wastes are just raw materials.

Let us show you what FEECO can do for you. We’re not just an equipment company; we’re a complete solutions provider.


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Brown County Waste Transformation Initiative (BCWTI)
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